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Canada, 2000 (MIFF 2001, International Panorama)

Director: Robert Lepage

"Robert Lepage's Possible Worlds makes a brave and ambitious leap into the the far reaches of reality. This elegant brain teaser will intrigue fans of science fiction and philosophy as it opens up questions of existence and consciousness."—Variety

Two police detectives are called to a ghastly scene—George Barber (Tom McCamus) has been murdered and his brain neatly removed. On the quest for clues we are transported into the many lives of Barber. The wonderfully crafted story veers into a surrealistic world of dreams, memories and futuristic science. Detectives are baffled by additional deaths under similar circumstances and are drawn to the enigmatic Dr Kleber.

Flashbacks and regression into Barber's memory produces, quite literally, a series of possible worlds. In each, we find Tilda Swinton (Orlando MIFF 1993. The War Zone MIFF 1998) playing the alluring object of Barber's desire In each world, however, the heroine is transformed and has no connection or memory of her other selves. McCamus. serious and sober as Barber, and Swinton, sensual and remote, are both splendid.

"The most bizarre and beautiful police thriller you have ever seen."—Toronto Sun

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