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France, 2000 (MIFF 2001, International Panorama)

Director: Jacques Doillon

The coltish young girlfriend of a college boy takes a perverse shine to his charmingly thuggish drug dealer in Jacques Doillon's Totally Flaky, a mile-a-minute sampler of contemporary speech patterns and slang, uttered by three energetic leads As hermetic exercises go, this chipper, rather than sleazy pic—lensed largely in a hotel suite by night—is a bang-up job Francois, (Fred's boyfriend) owes money to Alex. When Alex gives Francois a beating, Fred unaccountably falls for him. Both parties are out of their league as Fred encourages Alex to pick up mopey Sylvia (Caroline Ducey from Romance) in a club. The three repair to a pricey hotel suite where the talk never stops as Fred perversely tries to throw Alex and Sylvia together, with mixed results. Totally Flaky is a pacey rat-a-tat slang movie about the lazy courtship rituals of today's youth—it's contemporary and edgy in a world where women fend for themselves.

Totally Flaky comes to you direct from Cannes 2001, where it was selected for the prestigious Un Certain Regard.

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