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Australia, 1972 (MIFF 2001, Australian Showcase - Marvellous Melbourne)

Director: Bruce Beresford

Crude, lewd and loose in Britain. Ocker innocent Barry McKenzie attends the reading of a will after his not so beloved dad slips off the perch. One of the conditions of Barry's inheritance is that he makes a trek to the 'Old Country' to get in touch with his British roots. None too keen on flamin' Poms' (or too many other nationalities for that matter), Barry packs a suitcase with Fosters and ice and jets to merry old England in the company of his aunt Edna (Barry Humphries). He then embarks upon a screamingly funny round of ludicrous, lascivious and liquored-up hijinks. MIFF's 50th anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to introduce an Australia comedy milestone to a new audience.

Politically incorrect in the extreme, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie. made in 1972 is a time-capsule of outmoded Aussie attitudes, exaggerated beyond belief by Barry Humphries and director Bruce Beresford. Some of the outrageous language and bogus Australian sayings that Humphries coined remain in use today.

Barry has two things on his mind—if he can possibly combine sex and drinking, he figures he's made it to bloke heaven. Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, Julie Covington and a who's who of Australian cinema, star in this outrageous, vulgar, still fresh and wonderfully funny comic sensation.

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