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Australia, 2000 (MIFF 2001, Australian Showcase )

Director: Susan Lambert

Japan has always had fantasy women hidden away in the secret zones of its cities. Tokyo Bound gains unique access to the dungeons, homes and lives of a select coterie who lead Japan's S&M scene. Sexy. rebellious and sophisticated, these women are calling the shots with their sexuality.

MaxX, a young Australian, has been working in Japanese S&M for four years. Articulate and observant, she delineates the difference between Japanese and Western bondage practices noting the boundary pushing 'play'that would terrify even hardened pain aficionados in Australia. Other leather-clad appearances include the proprietors of Pink Hazard, Tokyo's leading fetish clothing store and rope-master Akechi, a tutor of ancient bondage techniques.The star of the show is the charismatic, opinionated and stunning Menchi, a queen of the mistress bars, and a minor punk rock star, notorious for taking her slaves' beyond the point of endurance. Not for the faint-hearted. Please Note: This film contains scenes that may offend some viewers.

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