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South Korea, 1999 (MIFF 2001, Regional Focus)

Director: Chang Youn Hyun

An ingenious and sadistic murderer has left a jigsaw puzzle as a clue for the police. The problem is that the pieces in the puzzle are human body parts, and not always from the same person! All of the victims have one thing in common: the stunning, cool and enigmatic Suyeon. A sexual relationship with Suyeon has cost at least three people their lives and the killer is picking up pace.

The disgraced Detective Cho is assigned the case that nobody wants Still reeling from a recent, and not entirely legal, family financial crisis, it seems as if the entire force would like to see him take a fall. Cho is determined to clear his name and even more determined to track and stop his deadly quarry. His growing attachment to his chief suspect is the only obstacle in his way.

Critically acclaimed as a Korean Se7en, Tell Me Something is a terrifying, suspenseful thriller. Shot in a rain-drenched Seoul where every shadowy corner holds a fatal secret, the film combines a highly intelligent script with complex twists that place it at the top of its genre. The startling conclusion leaves Silence Of The Lambs in the dust.

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