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France, 2001 (MIFF 2001, Shadows – The Dark Side of Cinema)

Director: Christophe Gans

Brotherhood Of The Wolf attracted more than two million movie-goers in its first week of release in France. Set during the reign of Louis IX. this ripping yarn is the story of the beast of Gevaudin, a creature that purportedly killed more than 100 people during the late 1760s. The plot centres on the hunt for the creature led by Gregoire de Fronsac and his mysterious partner Mani, sent by the king to deliver the region from evil.

A mixture of science fiction and horror, Brotherhood of the Wolf recalls Sleepy Hollow, in its exceptional visual design, The Island Of Doctor Moreau, in its incorporation of primitive genetic experiments and The Matrix and Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon, in its spectacular action sequences.

Gifted scholars, trackers and fighters, Gregoire and Mani are dispatched to hunt the extremely powerful beast that appears to combine the most horrifying elements of a rogue wolf and a giant reptile. Corrupt local officials, the lure of sex, jealous local warriors and an impenetrable conspiracy combine to keep the pair from their Herculean task. It seems that even death may not be too much of an obstacle A truly wild ride!

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