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South Korea, 2000 (MIFF 2001, Shadows – The Dark Side of Cinema)

Director: Park Ki-Hyung

Early one rainy morning, insurance agent Ku-Ho having had too much to drink, runs over Mijo and in desperation, takes her home. He is stunned to learn the young girl has no apparent injuries resulting from the accident. What the girl is suffering from is memory loss. To makes matter worse, and more perplexing, Ku-Ho learns that she is unable to speak. Resolving to care for the girl, he find himself growing ever more attracted to Mijo. He discovers gradually, that she has paranormal powers powers and as his love for her grows, he develops the capacity to communicate with her telepathically. His friends are ever skeptical and seeking to discover more of the girls origins, are stunned by what they uncover discover, just as Mijo's powers grow dangerously uncontrollable. Director P ark Ki-Hyung penetrates deeply into the idea of universal love and uses enchanting visual achievements of the genre of fantastical film. Nominated for this years Tiger Award, Secret Tears depicts a mysterious and supernatural relationship that develops into a dangerous and uncontrollable exploit.

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