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USA, (MIFF 2001, Mooks Backbeat – Music on Film)

Director: Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin

What do you do as an encore to human sacrifice? How about Under My Thumb, which is what The Rolling Stones continued playing after Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death in front of them. Gimme Shelter is not just one of the finest concert films ever made but dispatches from a war zone. The Summer Of Love was well and truly over in December 1969 when the band decided to stage a massive free concert at the Altamont Speedway. By the time the day was over a total of four people would be dead.

This brand new 35mm print with crisply re-mastered sound captures every nuance of the fiery performance by the Stones that is the centerpiece of this landmark documentary masterpiece. The directors were in the thick of it for every note and every ill-fated decision, including the foolhardy idea to hire the local chapter of the Hell's Angels for crowd control and pay them with liquor!

Gimme Shelter plays out like a war movie, complete with escape by chopper Mick Jagger's ashen face when he is shown Hunter's killing captured on film says it all. Blistenng versions of Sympathy For The Devil, Love In Vain, You Gotta Move and Jumpin' Jack Flash any others.

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USA, 1969
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