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Spain, 2001 (MIFF 2002, International Panorama)

Director: Isidro Ortiz, Álex Ollé, Carlos Padrissa

Fausto 5.0 left an indelible mark on audiences at Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. Set in a part sci-fi Barcelona - street signs appear in foreign languages and visual elements of the past meld with an imagined future - Fausto 5.0 readily departs from the moral oppositions of Goethe's original masterpiece. A specialist in terminal medicine, Dr Faust is a man without dreams, enmeshed in a soulless existence. In a diseased city, he runs into Santos Vella, a former patient who claims Dr Faust gave him only a few months to live eight years earlier. Santos promises to make Faust's dreams realities, and the doctor is granted unimagined powers before he even suspects it. As the two embark on a fierce journey into the entrails of a decaying city, Dr Faust struggles against death and destruction, against his own desires, against Santos and himself.

"This witty and intelligent reworking of the much-filmed Faust story is the first big-screen production of renowned Catalan theatre group La Rura dela Baus, and the newcomers bring a freshness and astringency to their cinema debut." - David Stratton, Variety

Isidro Ortiz (born in Cáceres, Spain, 1963) studied at the London Film Institute and later won awards for his short films. Álex Ollé (born in Barcelona, 1960) and Carlos Padrissa (born in Balsreny, 1959) collaborated as directors on a performance for the 1992 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, as well as numerous theatrical and operatic works for their group La Rura dela Baus.

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