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USA, 2001 (MIFF 2002, International Panorama)

Director: Michael Polish

Sunny Holiday and Lester Irving are a travelling two-man championship karaoke team. With Sunny on the mic for lounge bar faves and country classics, Lester taking care of the business end, the pair roam the West looking for big money karaoke competitions. Down on their luck and down to their last buck, neither of them exactly Mensa material, they sleep in a clapped out pink Chrysler and survive on coffee and roadhouse menus.

The Polish Brothers brought a David Lynchian aesthetic and one very offbeat sense of humour to the story of Siamese twins in their surreal debut, Twin Fails, Idaho (MIFF 1999). Their second feature exhibits a similar sense of human tragedy blended with black comedy, helped immensely by quirky casting choices including Darryl Hannah, Anthony Edwards and Peggy Lipton.

"Quietly assured flourishes, elegant camera compositions, wonderful uses of silence and an entertainingly eclectic cast. There's something understated but hilarious about two men saying a prayer to the almighty minutes before one of them performs The Pina Colada Song." - Washington Post

Michael Polish studied Visual Communication at CalArts. After graduating he joined his brother Mark, an actor and writer, to work on short films including Clown and Bajo del Perro, about Mexican boxing.

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