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Australia, 2002 (MIFF 2002, Australian Showcase)

Director: Gary Doust

Jason and Julian, a couple of naïve Sydneysiders, decide that their future lies in filmmaking. They beg, borrow and max out their credit cards to scrape together a $100,000 budget. One million dollars and five years later they discover that its a cut-throat business they've entered into with their eyes wide shut. Their film The Venus Factory changed its name to Starring Duncan Wiley and then to The Money Shot as one director was fired, another hired, and the film endlessly re-edited to pass for a comedy-porno, a romantic thriller and then back to a porno-comedy!

This hysterical documentary traces every pitfall from on-set safety inspections (how many fire escapes do you really need?) to duping a bank into thinking that you need an extra $500,000 for a house... which may turn out to be a film. As the budget blows out, equipment blows up and disgruntled cast and crew blow town, Jason and Julian chant positive mantras in order to retain their sanity and a decent line of credit.

Director Gary Doust followed this dynamic duo from 1997 up until May this year to capture every tear and triumph. His diligence has paid off in comedy gold: frightening because it happens to be very real!

Gary Doust is a guest of the Festival

Gary Doust directed his first short documentary in 1999, Parking Patrol Officer 808. At the 2000 AFI Awards, Doust received the Byron Kennedy Award for his work on the screenings event, Popcorn Taxi. He is also the director of Murbah Swamp Beer (2002), an account of Australia's most historic lager salvage operation.

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