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Austria, 2001 (MIFF 2002, Tigers – Rotterdam Discoveries)

Director: Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl

"Billed as a gas station triptych, Nogo spins together three separate stories about young couples obsessively bound together against the world before uniting the six characters in an explosive finale. Debuting Austrian writer-directors Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl, whose background is in experimental film, create a stylish package with intriguing characters and situations, coolly composed visuals and a vigorous pace." - Variety

Petrol station attendant Joe and customer Maria barricade themselves against the world having taken one knock too many. Mechanic Tom and his terminally ill wife enter into a shady, international organ-harvesting ring to make some fast cash. Bank robber Sam fails to show for a big heist, detained trying to woo high-priced hooker Rosa. All of them converge on a highway fuel stop for a short but fateful meeting. Set to an ultra-hip electronica soundtrack by the Sofa Surfers, Nogo presents a trio of wild and surreal scenarios that culminate in, literally, a massive fireball.

Sabine Hiebler (1963) and Gerhard Ertl (1959) have been working together as a production team since the early 90s. Their work has screened at Festivals worldwide including New York, Berlin, London, Toronto, Rotterdam, Vienna and MIFF. Previous films include: Livingroom (1991), General Motors (1993), Spot-Check (1994), Komakino (1996) and Transcoder (1998).

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