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Germany, 2001 (MIFF 2002, Tigers – Rotterdam Discoveries)

Director: Sven Taddicken

This heartwarming yet burlesque German comedy won audience hearts and the prized FIPRESCI Award at this year's Rotterdam International Film Festival - and in the first few minutes its not hard to see why. Head of a strange, incomplete family is 30-year-old Mike, whose time is taken up caring for younger, mentally handicapped brother Josch, with the body and lusts of an adult. Meanwhile, 14-year-old loner sister Nic records everything with her digital camera and yearns to jump in the sack with someone - anyone! - just to get 'the first time' over and done with. While Nic's lustful target, a burly street gang leader, falls through, Josch, on the other hand, chooses Nadine, Mike's new girlfriend, to give up his virginity. Mike panics when Nadine decides to play the horizontal tango with Josch as a birthday present.

"An inventive comedy about the hormonal rampages of a dysfunctional family, Getting My Brother Laid offers a fresh, spirited take on the impatience, anxiety and expectation surrounding first sexual experiences." - Variety

Sven Taddicken (born in Hamburg, Germany, 1974) has studied at the Baden-Württemburg Film Academy since 1996, making five short films and winning numerous international awards. Getting My Brother Laid (2001) is his first feature and has already won awards at several international Film Festivals.

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