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USA, 2001 (MIFF 2002, There Goes The Neighbourhood – Humour on Film)

Director: Michael Covert, Trace Fraim

Distraught West Texan dimwits Junior and Scooter have just buried their dead mother, wrapped in a sleeping bag. Grown men who make Forrest Gump look like Einstein, the boys hatch an idiotic plan to find a substitute mother - taking them all over the state on an accidental spree of kidnapping and bank robbery.

If the Farrelly Brothers directed Raising Arizona instead of the Coen Brothers, they may have arrived at Dirt. The film pits the innocent but troubled Junior and Scooter against the corrupt and vengeful Sheriff Vince (Patrick Warburton, Puddy from TV's Seinfeld) when the pair take his wife hostage. Sheriff Vince already has big problems, he's under investigation for the supposed 'accidental' shooting of a suspect, accidental except that he stopped to reload twice!

Luke Perry and Jennifer Tilly make hilarious appearances as a lisping lawyer and amateur hooker respectively, rounding out a cast of marvellous misfits.

"A lot of charm, wit and unpredictability... Good, clean, twisted fun." - The Hollywood Reporter

Michael Covert re-edited three unrelated shorts into the feature American Strays which eventually returned ten times its cost! Covert also wrote for Chris Carter's X-Files follow-up, Harsh Realm. His directing partner Trace Fraim has appeared in dozens of TV shows including Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place; his feature film acting credits include Fear and The Crossing Guard. Prior to Dirt Fraim directed the short Eating Las Vegas.

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