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Hong Kong, 2001 (MIFF 2002, There Goes The Neighbourhood – Humour on Film)

Director: Pang Ho Cheung

Hong Kong hitman, Bart, has fallen on hard times. He has been forced to take on assassinations at bargain basement prices and even stoops to some questionable practices, shonky even by killer-for-hire standards.

Called upon to bump off the boyfriend of a wealthy socialite, his client also stipulates that he must videotape the death throes of the victim for her later enjoyment! Bart enlists the help of Chuen, an assistant director of cheap porno films who is keen to tackle a project worthy of his talents. Like his hero, Martin Scorsese, Chuen turns the entire ordeal into a cinematic masterpiece complete with soundtrack and special effects.

Now the team are in high demand to produce souvenir videos for all manner of contract killings culminating in their greatest challenge yet: the double slaying of HK's Triad king and wife at a huge birthday bash. Pang Ho Cheung, screenwriter of numerous Hong Kong action pics, has created a comedy that blends Monty Python and The Sopranos. Eccentric, entertaining and deliciously dark.

Pang Ho Cheung (aka Edmond Pang, born in Hong Kong, 1973) began working as a scriptwriter for HK TV at 19. Pang's directorial debut, the short Summer Exercise, did the same in 1999. He has scripted four HK action hits including Undercover Blues (2000), Full Time Killer (2001) and The Cheaters (2001).

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