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UK / Ireland, 2002 (MIFF 2003, International Panorama)

Director: Jim Sheridan

Johnny and Sarah (Samantha Morton, Morvern Collar, in MIFF this year) arrive in New York from Ireland with their two young daughters, soon after the death of their infant son. Virtually penniless and still grief-stricken, they find board in a dilapidated building, populated by junkies and criminals. Sarah finds work as a waitress, while Johnny, an actor; embarks on a string of auditions. Life is tough, but their unending good spirits and children's love keep them going. When they make friends with a neighbour struggling artist Matteo (Djimon Hounsou), the young family's fortunes begin to change. Hardships give way to joys and the road ahead begins to look a whole lot brighter Sheridan co-wrote the scnpt with his daughters Naomi and Kirsten.

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