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Denmark / UK, 2002 (MIFF 2003, International Panorama)

Director: Lone Scherfig

Even though broodingly handsome Wilbur is almost irresistible to women, and in fact universally adored, he attempts suicide on such a regular basis that the members of his therapy group vote him out for being too discouraging to their progress. His brother, Harbour, is an incurable optimist and attempts to provide his brother with happiness and purpose.The lives of these two 30-something siblings, who own a dilapidated Glaswegian bookstore bequeathed by their recently deceased father, are transformed when Alice, a shy single mother enters their lives. Alice's 11 -year-old daughter, Mary, begins avidly reading the bookstore's extensive stock while she begins to break out of her emotional exile. Wilbur meanwhile, regains his zest for life, and his brother never seemed happier, however a dark secret lurks inside Harbour that threatens to shatter the new found peace.

Director Lone Seherfig's follow-up to Italian for Beginners is a beguiling black comedy, with a romantic core and an engaging cast of characters you won't want to leave behind at the film's end.

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