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Sweden, 2002 (MIFF 2003, International Panorama)

Director: Josef Fares

What do you do when you are a cop In a small town whose crime rate drops so low the authorities are threatening to shut the station down? Of course you'd bribe the local drunk to steal from the grocery store, write anti-police graffiti on walls and threaten passers-by with guns. Wouldn't you? An enormous box-office success in its homeland, Kops is an hilarious and inventive new comedy from young Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares, who charmed MIFF audiences in 2001 with Jalla! Jalla! (aka The Best Man's Wedding).

Benny dreams of non-stop action and exciting gunplay. In reality he and his fellow cops sit around playing cards with pensioners, tinker with their cars and even find time to knit headbands. One day a bureaucrat arrives and announces the station will be closed in three months, to the horror of the whole crew. A plan is hatched by two of the cops, Jacob and Lasse, to boost the crime in the town and stave off the closure.The only problem is Benny is not part of the arrangement, and he suspects the mafia is muscling into town. Meanwhile, the initially harmless crimes are growing more ambitious, and soon a S.WAT Team arrives from the city to sort things out. Outrageous fun.

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