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Australia, 2002 (MIFF 2003, Australian Showcase)

Director: Paul Middleditch

When Bobby and Tia meet by accident, the last thing they want is a relationship. Bobby is hell-bent on self-destruction and, in Tia, he finds a willing companion.They embark on a brutal and damaging tryst fuelled by sex, alcohol and deceit.

Tia's only emotional refuge is her childhood friend Phaedra, a trusting and optimistic confidant. Tia's tragic denial of her present life begins to infect Phaedra's faith in commitment and a misguided concept of romantic love. In desperation, Phaedra dives into an unfamiliar and hostile world, her strength and compassion pushes Bobby andTia into confronting their worst fears.

Paul Middleditch's A Cold Summer is a compelling, powerful and terrifyingly honest portrait of the truth behind damaged lives—confronting in its mixture of hilarity and tragedy. Despite raw realism, the film exudes a rare beauty and compassion.

Intimate, note perfect performances by the cast throws the audience into an experience unique in its candour. Steve Arnold's circling, omniscient camera and rich, naturalistic photography combines eloquently with Claire Jordan's evocative soundtrack.

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