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Australia, 2003 (MIFF 2003, Australian Showcase)

Director: Kathryn Millard

Adelaide, 1971. Leanne (Pia Miranda), 21, has left adolescence behind and is teetering on the edge of adulthood, yet yearns for a life that she can only see through the lens of her camera. Her sister, Bronwyn (Sacha Horler), is stuck in a dead-end marriage, and feels the world closing in around her. When a charismatic beat poet, Lou, steps off a plane from America and into their lives, little do they realise the changes that lay ahead. "Seek out the light" he urges, opening their eyes to the world outside the small-minded suburbs in which they are confined. A gently bittersweet tale of finding your place in the world, Travelling Light is a lovingly recreated snapshot of a not too distant era.

Director Kathryn Millard has a sharp eye for spotting up-and-coming stars, introducing Cate Blanchett to the silver screen in her 1996 film Parklands. In Travelling Light Millard has assembled the creme of young Australian talent with AFI Award winners Pia Miranda (Looking for Alibrandi) and Sacha Horler (Praise) complementing emerging stars Brett Stiller and Tim Draxl (Swimming Upstream).

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