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Japan, 2002 (MIFF 2003, Regional Focus)

Director: Sakamoto Junji

Two young brothers, Nita and Itta, live in a derelict town on a small Japanese island populated by an eccentric bunch of characters. One day, out of the blue, their mother returns with Kanoko, a sister they never knew they had. As quickly as she appears, their mother flees, taking the deed to the house. The three children are stranded once more, left to fend for themselves on the unpredictable island.

Each child has their own issues to deal with; Itta strikes up a strange friendship with a local hooligan; Kanoko is forced to confront events of the past she desperately wants to forget; and Nita's youthful, innocent outlook on life touches all those he meets.The story of these three resourceful siblings is interwoven with a cast of oddball characters, whose pockets may be empty, but whose spirits are full of generosity and humanity.

Director Sakamoto Junji, a former assistant to Ishii Sogo (Gojoe, MIFF 2001), imbues each character with humour and warmth. Bokunchi - My House is a bittersweet, humanist portrait of the resourcefulness and joie de vivre of a fractured family.

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