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South Korea, 2003 (MIFF 2003, Regional Focus)

Director: Jang Jun-hwan

Playfully crossing almost all genres, including thriller comedy, horror and action, this dynamic debut film from Korean hot-shot, Jang Jun-hwan, recalls the deliriously creative work of Jeunet and Caro (The City of Lost Children, Delicatessen).

The hero of Save the Green Planet! is Byeong-gu, a paranoid young guy, who believes that aliens are plotting an imminent assault on Earth. After watching endless B-grade sci-fi films and reading 'underground' books, he figures that the head alien in charge of the impending invasion is already on earth, masquerading as Sun-mi, the CEO of a huge multi-national corporation. With the survival of humanity on the line, Byeong-gu enlists the help of Kang, a circus tightrope walker and together they kidnap Sun-mi hoping to stave off the destruction of the planet!

Manic and relentlessly inventive, Save the Green Planet! is a dark and humorous fable that would have made the Brothers Grimm proud.

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