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Japan, 2002 (MIFF 2003, Brain Monkey Sushi)

Director: Iseya Yusuke

Life for Ryo is hectic. Aside from his university studies, his indulgences in drugs, girls and clubs keep him on his toes. On his birthday, he decides to throw a party with some close friends, that includes Naoshi, a childhood pal, and Makoto, who drops in on Ryo unaware that it is his birthday. Ryo sets out to pick up the night's supplies. First things first—scoring drugs. Already stoned, he meets his dealer, a yakuza acquaintance, and buys a vast amount to use and sell. However, he carelessly drops the stash outside the gangster's apartment and loses the lot. When he realises his blunder; Ryo embarks on a search for the missing drugs.The night ahead is a frenzy of activity as the three friends, a detective, the yakuza drug-dealer and a local car freak all cross paths in a film bursting with youthful energy.

Kakuto (meaning 'person awaiting') takes place over the course of this wild night, with a breath-taking array of visual and aural flourishes. A Tiger contender at this year's Rotterdam Film Festival, this debut feature from actor and model Iseya Yusuke is hilarious, manic and inventively playful.

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