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(MIFF 2003, Sideshow 03: New Media)

Plug in to a programme of new work that encapsulates the diverse array of styles, approaches, technological innovations and, most importantly, the brilliant imagination that informs contemporary digital short films.

Ski Jumping Pairs An hysterically funny Japanese look at a bizarre new exhibition sport allegedly introduced for the 2006 Winter Olympics. The Freak The attempts of the freak of the title to disrupt the established order— direct from Sundance Film Festival. Cardboard Man and the Girls A crazed Gallic comedy concerning the heroic and chivalrous adventures of a flimsy, recyclable version of Robocop. Objects in Virtuality are Closer than They Appear Controversially suggests that life is as virtual as a video game: you can murder as often as you like.

Flywheel A 21st century incarnation of the praxinoscope in one of the best examples of Australian produced digital 3D animation of the last year. Shredder This sublime Netherlands abstraction delves into the beauty of a scrap metal works: the violence of the machinery, the play of light on dust and steel. Teratoma An Australian story of obsession, addiction and self-destruction. Equestrian Takes an extremely simple idea, a woman riding a horse down a deserted street, and transforms it into a 30-camera, surround-vision, three dimensional visual knockout.

Plumber Old man Mario has a leaky tap. Luckily, he knows just the person to fix it. Plumber merges superb design skills and comic story-telling. Boys A trippy US animation hybrid depicting an insectoid hallucination that results from a couple of lads carelessly combining wrestling and drinking. Butterfly A kaleidoscopic journey through life, death, colour and sound. Selected for the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival.

The PowerPoint 03 programme will also include all four parts of the Lycette Brothers' Not My Type series; sly, humorous, extremely cleverly designed animated vignettes (using only letters of the alphabet!) with echoes of the ABC's The Office.

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