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USA, 2003 (MIFF 2003, Documentaries)

Director: Arlene Donnelly Nelson

Come and see yourself naked on the big screen! It's not often that MIFF can make such an outrageous offer, in fact this is the first, and we are anticipating, the only time we ever will. Photographer Spencer Tunick, who specialises in controversial mass public nude images, was first profiled in MIFF 2000 in Naked States. In that extremely popular documentary, director Arlene Donnelly Nelson examined the notorious work of the photographer, his series of arrests and a trip across the US asking complete strangers to strip for his camera.

Nude Adrift was Tunick's next, more ambitious art project, an attempt to snap mass nudes on every continent. His world tour famously took in Melbourne where the overwhelmed photographer had his largest public turn-out ever. More than 4000 proudly naked Melburnians braved a chilly dawn to bare all on Princes Bridge in front of Flinders Street Station then again carpeting the banks of the Yarra. A thoroughly entertaining, visually arresting film with plenty of 'local colour'. Audiences are asked to refrain from yelling, "Hey, that's me!" during the screening.

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