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USA, 2003 (MIFF 2003, Documentaries)

Director: Lance Laspina

Most people have seen a great deal of Frank Frazetta's work on numerous novel and album covers and movie posters without ever knowing the artist's name. Although exploited and underpaid for most of his life, Frazetta's work now changes hands for in excess of a half a million dollars. He was the most influential artist to come out of the stable that produced Weird Tales and the notorious EC horror comics. Most famously he transformed the image of pulp-hero Conan the Barbarian into 'a wild-eyed berserker'.

He became the fantasy genre's premier artist, a prolific worker in a vanety of media. This comprehensive and loving documentary tribute is testament to his legacy, tracing Frazetta's life from his Brooklyn boyhood, where he was a superb athlete once scouted by professional baseball, to the present. We also see evidence of Frazetta's indomitable will where, at the age of 75, after suffenng two strokes that impaired his drawing arm, he taught himself to draw and paint with his left hand.

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