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USA, 2000 (MIFF 2003)

Director: David Peters, Ken Coupland (curators)

Martin Scorsese once remarked that opening credits of a film have the unique opportunity for "setting the tone, providing the mood, and foreshadowing the action". Curators David Peters and Ken Coupland have searched through thousands of films to create a program of the most celebrated title sequences of all time, a package that examines the history and art of this frequently overlooked—but so influential—aspect of film production.

It includes not only old-school masterpieces like Double Indemnity, Dr Strangelove and Vertigo, and classic icons such as the openings of the James Bond and Pink Panther films, but also presents the most influential sequences of recent decades, such as Se7en and To Die For. Paying tribute to the acknowledged master of the form, Saul Bass, and every design legend since (Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder, Richard Greenberg and Kyle Cooper amongst others), FOR OPENERS exhibits all that is remarkable and memorable in the form. A look at the exhilarating fusion of sound, music, text and visuals that introduce Barbarella or The World According to Garp and you'll never look at titles sequences the same way again.

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