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USA, 1940 (MIFF 1999, George Cukor: The Virtuous Sin)

Director: George Cukor

Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn), the daughter of a wealthy family, is slated to marry George Kittredge (John Howard) a stuffed-shirt executive. Her previous marriage, to C.K Dexter (Cary Grant), ended largely because Tracy couldn't deal with Dexter's drunken ways. As the wedding nears, Dexter turns up with the aim of protecting the reputation of his ex-in-laws. When he learns of a possible expose in Spy magazine, detailing a scandal connected to Tracy, he arranges for the magazine's scandal reporter, Mike Conner (James Stewart) to cover the wedding. When Conner arrives and begins to fall for Tracy, the stage is set for a comedy in which everyone must decide who they really love before the curtain finally falls.

Cukor directed this classic comedy talkfest that offers special pleasures for fans of Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart and Cary Grant. With such a stellar cast, a line director working in the type ot picture he did best, and some genuinely witty dialogue, the film has all the ingredients for a great comedy.

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