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Austria, 1998 (MIFF 1999, Captured - Recycled: Old, Used and Abused)

Director: Gustav Deutsch

Gustav Deutsch's magnificent Film Ist recycles every­thing from footage purchased in a flea-market (old Mexican soap-opera colour tests used by a cleaning lady to scrub floors) through to 35mm stock used to run an early German computer. An ongoing project, Film Ist is structured in a series of chapters on the properties of cinema: movement and time; light and darkness; an instrument; material; a blink of an eye; a mirror. Deutsch's research has its basis in science, his project akin to the work of Edward Muybridge, Lev Kuleshov and the various perception and response studies of the sci­entific and educational films he reworks. His command of editing and sublime use of sound set up a series of associations that attest to the durability of cinema and the imagination.

A cinema of reference, not only to the technologi­cal developments of photography and sound, but to the history of their poetic application. A bullet passes through an ostrich egg, a bridge undulates wildly, a skeleton speaks the history of film speed. From the absurd to the surreal (be warned of an 'eye' shot to rival Un Chien Andalou [1928]), Film Ist is playful and serious in equal measure.

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