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France, 2009 (MIFF 2010, Next Gen)

Director: Dominique Monfery

The fairy tales of the world are under threat - and only one unlikely hero can save them.

An inheritance of books doesn't mean much when you can't read, and that's exactly what seven-year-old Nathaniel has been left by his late Aunt Eleanor. Unhappy with the collection at first, he soon discovers that the books are home to living versions of all the great fairy-tale characters, from Alice to Captain Hook - and it's up to him to protect them.

With luscious animation reminiscent of Miyazaki's recent works, Eleanor's Secret is a stunning English-language adventure about the joys that can burst from the pages of a book, as well as a poignant reflection on loss and memory.

MIFF Recommends: Age 6+

D Dominique Monfery P Alphanim, La Fabrique, Lanterna Magica WS Films Distribution TD 35mm/2009

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