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Australia, 2009 (MIFF 2010, Night Shift)

Director: James Rabbits

How far would you go to get back what was taken from you?

A slow-burning psychological thriller based on true events, The Clinic is the debut feature from Australian writer-director James Rabbitts.

Expectant mother Beth is drugged and kidnapped from a desolate, outback motel. When she awakens, she's in an ice bath in an abandoned abattoir - and her baby has been removed from her body. She soon realises she's not alone; five other women are trapped with her in the makeshift clinic, a place whose dire purpose gradually becomes all too apparent.

Stars Tabrett Bethall, Andy Whitfield, Clare Bowen and Sophie Lowe.

D/S James Rabbitts P Sam Pinczewski Dist Clinic Productions Pty Ltd TD 35mm/2009

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