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USA, 1968 (MIFF 2010, Dante's Inferno)

Director: Joe Dante

“Everything in my subsequent work comes from The Movie Orgy.” - Joe Dante

Inspired by Susan Sontag's well known essay ‘Notes on Camp', as well as the very successful rerelease of the 1943 serial Batman, The Movie Orgy is a mind-boggling patchwork of 50s, 60s and 70s television and cinema, conceived by Joe Dante as a film student in Philadelphia.

Only one print of The Movie Orgy was ever made - a hand-spliced, cultural potpourri, constantly evolving as updated by Dante and Jon Davison. It toured through US colleges, playing to whacked-out students and mystified cinephiles.

Whittled down from its original seven-hour running time to four-and-a-half, this is a true piece of film folklore - a rare cinematic treat for film geeks, and (for the baby boomers among us) a slightly skewed trip down memory lane.

D Joe Dante TD digibeta/1968

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