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Diary V 1.0

Australia, 1996 (MIFF 0)

Director: Dirk de Bruyn

Australian filmmaker Dirk de Bruyn has made a number of experimental films which explore the complexity of family relationships and the processes of displacement including Conversations With My Mother, Rote Film and A X Canada. These films have been highly personal studies which combine a fluid formal reprocessing and manipulation of images with events both close to and away from home.

Diary is a further reworking of this practice into a digital format. The interface is rather like a family album. The viewer can explore pages of scattered images that reveal a collection of short films videos and animations many by different members of the de Bruyn family such as nine year old Arie and 14 year old Abram Diary its a fascinating CD- ROM which, while extending the possibilities of a personal and formalistic experimental filmmaking approach immerses new electronic technologies into everyday practices and ntuals transforming suburban loungerooms from sites of isolation to places of engagement and conversation.

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