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UK, 2011 (MIFF 2012, Documentaries)

Director: Grant Gee


"It is as if he is playing a game of patience, as if the right arrangement of images were the key to a trauma." - Filmmaker Grant Gee

Following the success of his documentaries on British music iconoclasts Joy Division and Radiohead, Grant Gee becomes the first filmmaker to explore the work of acclaimed German-born author WG Sebald in this richly textured essay film.

Meditating on landscape, art, history, life and loss, Gee retraces Sebald's walk through Suffolk, which would inform his literary masterpiece The Rings of Saturn. Major writers, artists and filmmakers contribute to this reflection on Sebald that also commemorates ten years since his untimely death.

“Suffolk becomes a sort of palimpsest for his eloquent, precise, lugubrious, often drily witty meditations about war, death, destruction and decay, about memories and continuities and the feeling that nothing entirely disappears.” - The Observer

D Grant Gee P Gareth Evans, Di Robson, Sarah Caddy WS Soda Pictures TD DCP/2011

See the film and read the book; browse online at Readings.

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