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France, 2011 (MIFF 2012, International Panorama)

Director: Valerie Massadian


“The power of myth pervades Nana, without ever tipping into the fantastic or upsetting its hewn naturalism." - Cinema Scope

Four-year-old Nana lives with her mother in bucolic isolation in the French countryside. Irrepressibly independent, Nana hardly seems to notice when, one day, her mama disappears. She just continues to go about her business as before: collecting wood, sunbathing and reading bedtime stories (now to herself), all the while chattering away happily to herself.

Through the painterly lens of director Valerie Massadian - a photographer turned filmmaker for this, her debut feature - audiences are given an innocently intimate, contemplative glimpse of the world as Nana views it. Played with extraordinary composure by toddler Kelyna Lecomte, the character of Nana is a quiet delight to watch.

Winner of the Best First Film prize at the Locarno Film Festival, this is a sweet, life-affirming faux-fairytale of a film, simultaneously enchanting and elegiac.

Contains scenes of animal slaughter that may offend.

Screens with Brainy (Denmark/New Zealand, 25 mins).

D/S Valerie Massadian P Sophie Erbs, Valerie Massadian WS Gaijin L French w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011

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