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Australia, 2010 (MIFF 2012, Fulldome Showcase Two)

Director: Lynette Wallworth


A unique journey through the vast, wondrous landscapes of our vanishing Great Barrier Reef conducted against the full dome of Melbourne's Planetarium.

Designed to coincide with Venus' once-in-a-lifetime transit across the sun, artist Lynette Wallworth's Coral: Rekindling Venus is a stunning and unashamedly epic cinematic voyage through the underwater forests of our greatest natural wonder. Five years in the making and filmed explicitly for a planetarium screen, Coral: Rekindling Venus takes us into a world of unalloyed beauty and mystery - an astounding feat of cinematography and an impassioned clarion call to save these majestic underwater kingdoms before it's too late.

Features music from Ryuichi Sakamoto, and specially commissioned songs by Antony and the Johnsons and Gurrumal.

“Audible gasps filled the room, audience members clasped their hands to their chests and a few left the planetarium in tears... Wallworth offered audience members an opportunity to gain a personal connection to our oceans.” - Huffington Post

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