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Australia, 2012 (MIFF 2012, Australian Showcase)

Director: David Batty, Francis Jupurrurlla Kelly


More than 80 years after the brutal slaughter of 100 or more Aboriginal people in Central Australia, survivors and their descendants tell their story in Coniston.

Known as “the Coniston Massacres”, the punitive expeditions that set out in August 1928 mowed down innocent people across the traditional lands of the Warlpiri people and their neighbours. The motive was to avenge the killing of dingo trapper Fred Brooks, who took liberties with the wife of a Warlpiri tribesman.

Using their acclaimed hybrid docu-drama approach to filmmaking (known as Bush Mechanics), the directors allow Indigenous people to speak with authority about their own recent history and the deep shadow it has cast over their country.

A co-production by Indigenous production house PAW Media and Rebel Films, Coniston brings together the past and the present through the storytelling of the Warlpiri, Waramunga, Anmatyerr and Kaytetje people.

Presented in collaboration with our programming partner Blackfella Films.

Directors David Batty and Francis Jupurrurla Kelly are guests of the festival.

D/S David Batty, Francis Jupurrurla Kelly P Jeni McMahon L Warlpiri, Anmatjerr, English w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2012

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