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UK / India, 2010 (MIFF 2011, Documentaries)

Director: Kim Longinotto


"I am the messiah of women! I am more powerful than the police!" - Sampat Pal

Meet the Gulabi Gang, a group of women dressed in defiantly pink saris, railing against India's patriarchal caste system. They are led by Sampat Pal, a former child bride who now fights the subjugation and institutionalised beating of women. A divisive figure, she is at once a saviour for the mistreated, as well as a shameless self-promoter acutely aware of her own celebrity.

Veteran UK filmmaker Kim Longinotto (Rough Aunties, MIFF 2008) refuses to deify Pal for her good deeds or condemn her for her faults, opting instead for an objective and complex portrayal. Social injustices collide with larger-than- life characters as Longinotto reveals a side of India too often ignored.

D Kim Longinotto P Amber Latiff, Girjashanker Vohra WS Vixen Films L Hindi w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2010

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