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UK / France / Belgium / Italy / Spain, 2010 (MIFF 2011, International Panorama)

Director: Ken Loach


"Insightful and explosive, so torn from today's headlines it leaves newsprint on your hands." - Empire

Former soldiers and lifelong friends, Fergus and Frankie, have been growing rich doing private security work in the simmering quagmire of post-war Iraq. But when Frankie is killed in mysterious circumstances, Fergus finds himself investigating a vast web of corruption, where the blood of the Iraqi people is making some people very, very rich.

Ken Loach (It's a Free World, MIFF 2008) returns to the screen, quite literally with all guns blazing, in Route Irish, a bold, angry political thriller set in the murky world of the Iraq war's private contractors. Typically gritty and charged with tension, this is Loach at his firebrand best.

D Ken Loach P Rebecca O'Brien S Paul Laverty Dist Transmission Films TD HD Cam/2010

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