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LIFE 2.0

USA, 2010 (MIFF 2011, Networked)

Director: Jason Spingarn-Koff

LIFE 2.0

"A disturbing vision of escape, a cautious portrait of liberation, and an exploration of authenticity and artificiality." - Village Voice

Life 2.0 sets out to discover the psychologies behind the new spaces of the world wide web, plugging into netizens who have taken refuge from their daily lives to instead fulfil themselves in the fantastical virtual world of Second Life: while a couple attempt to play out their net-affair in the real world, a man risks his relationship to find happiness as an 11-year-old-girl avatar and a virtual entrepreneur finds herself immersed in a lawsuit that blurs borders between real and unreal worlds.

A fascinating documentary insight into the world of online role-playing and self discovery, Life 2.0 examines the distances between who we are and who we'd rather be.

D Jason Spingarn-Koff P Jason Spingarn-Koff, Andrew Lauren, Stephan Paternot WS Roco Films TD digibeta/2010

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