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Australia / China, 2011 (MIFF 2011, Australian Showcase)

Director: Pauline Chan


An inter-continental journey with a little girl lost and an adult looking to be found.

For Mei Mei (Zhu Lin), escaping her orphan upbringing and becoming part of a real family is a dream that has forever seemed impossibly out of reach. When her orphanage travels to Australia to take part in the Australian Choir Festival, Mei Mei's one chance at happiness lies in the hands of her sponsor Dean (Guy Pearce), but the man she finds is not what she expected.

Filmmaker Pauline Chan (Traps, Little White Lies) explores identity, belonging and redemption in 33 Postcards, a tale of two mismatched people from across the world swept into each others' lives, to find that their paths are very much the same.

Also stars Claudia Karvan, Lincoln Lewis and Rhys Muldoon.

D Pauline Chan P Pauline Chan, Penny Carl-Nelson, Lesley Stevens, Zhijiang Liu S Martin Edmond, Pauline Chan, Philip Dalkin Dist Titan View L English, Mandarin w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011

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