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Spain, 2010 (MIFF 2011, TeleScope)

Director: Sergio Caballero


"There's something undeniably compelling about so much bizarreness." - Variety

Two Russian ghosts take a 'spiritual' journey through the north of Spain, hunting a great oracle who will offer them the chance to be reborn. Through snow-covered fields, forests of plastic ears and flocks of reindeer, the ghosts - one carrying a windsock, the other on horseback (or wheelchair) - trek ever closer to their goal.

First-time filmmaker Sergio Caballero (co-director of the beloved Barcelona music and art festival, Sonar) blends high art and low comedy in this quirky modern-day fable inspired by Philippe Garrel's La Cicatrice intérieure.

Featuring the seismic talents of cinematographer Eduard Grau (Tom Ford's A Single Man, Rodrigo Cortes's Buried), and winner of a coveted Tiger award at this year's Rotterdam film festival, Finisterrae is an unorthodox, unexplainable and utterly indefinable cinematic experience.

D/S Sergio Caballero P Luis Miñnarro, Ventura Barba WS Film Sharks L Russian, Catalan w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2010

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