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Slovenia, 2010 (MIFF 2011, TeleScope)

Director: Janez Burger


"Now all my teachers are dead except silence." - W.S. Merwin

A man lives with his children in a half-demolished house in the middle of a warzone. His wife has been killed by a grenade and he fears for the lives of his children. But instead of an approaching army, a wandering circus stops by and a little magic materialises in their devastated world.

People don't speak in Silent Sonata, but this is far from a silent film. An impressionistic suite of sound, atmosphere, sensibility and surrealism, Silent Sonata is a gorgeously rendered tribute to the immensity of things that cannot be expressed in words. Featuring members of Cirque du Soleil, and showing a ravishing eye for spectacle, this is a unique meditation on the horrors of war and the persistence of beauty.

"A beautifully shot musing on life amidst conflict." - Screen International

D/S Janez Burger P Jožko Rutar, Petra Bašin, Morgan Bushe WS Fortissimo Films L no dialogue TD 35mm/2010

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