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Switzerland, 2011 (MIFF 2011, TeleScope)

Director: Thomas Imbach


For fifteen years filmmaker Thomas Imbach has filmed the world that lies outside his Zurich window.

As the landscape changes, so does his life: his father dies, a baby is born and hundreds of messages are left on his answering machine. Through the shifts in season, through personal disasters and through the daily life of the people below, Imbach remains the one, all-seeing constant.

Hypnotising, beautiful and life-affirming, Day is Done is a meditative study of a city and one person's place in it. Under Imbach's stately gaze, the sprawl of Zurich becomes a microcosm of something universal, human and true.

"A poetic but also wryly humorous study of the selfish artist trying to play the indifferent God, but ending up revealing himself as all too human." - Screen Daily

D Thomas Imbach P Andrea Štaka, Thomas Imbach S Thomas Imbach, Patrizia Stotz WS Okofilm Production L Swiss-German w/English subtitles TD DCP/2011

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