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France, 2010 (MIFF 2011, Networked)

Director: David Dusa


@Marjane_lime Don't know when I'll have internet they took 1 of us, they'll torture, get names, must move fast.

Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube dominate this modern love story about two youthful spirits in Paris whose blossoming romance is clouded by the events of Iran's Green Revolution, during the rigged elections of June 2009.

In this timely feature debut, filmmaker David Dusa introduces us to the apolitical Gecko, a talented dancer promoting himself online, and Anahita, an exiled Iranian girl who is so obsessed with staying on top of the protests in her homeland via the web that it threatens her fledgling relationship.

Ambitious, energetic and intimate, Fleurs du Mal explores the political and personal power of social media, as viewed through the prism of a decidedly 21st century love story.

"Innovative and powerfully visceral." - Variety

D David Dusa P Emilie Blézat S David Dusa, Louise Moliere, Raphaelle Maes, Mike Sens WS Sciapode L French, Farsi w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2010

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