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Iran, 1998 (MIFF 2011, MIFF 60th Retrospective)

Director: Samira Makhmalbaf


"Potent symbolism linked to a bizarre story rooted in fact, set in Iran and laden with political, social and generational overtones." - New York Times

A truly remarkable achievement, The Apple (MIFF 1999) was directed by Samira Makhmalbaf at the age of 17 using leftover film stock from her father's (filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf) previous production. Upon its release in 1998 it won multiple festival awards and helped shine a light on a remarkable true story, acted out by the actual family at the centre of the controversy.

With a paranoid blind mother and a disturbed father, the 12-year-old Naderi twins, Massoumeh and Zahra, have been locked away behind bars for their whole lives. When a social worker discovers the situation their father promises to free them - and when he goes back on his word he in turn is locked in the house, while the girls set out to discover the world for the first time.

D Samira Makhmalbaf P Iraj Sarbaz S Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Samira Makhmalbaf WS MK2 L Farsi w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1998

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