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Indonesia, 2012 (MIFF 2013, Accent on Asia)

Director: Riri Riza


"Wonderfully captures nature's harsh beauty and provides a window into the colorful tumult of life in a part of Indonesia that's often overlooked." - Hollywood Reporter

East Timorese refugees living in the dusty Indonesian border town of Atambua since the 1999 independence referendum, João and his father Ronaldo have little in common. João desperately wants to be reunited with his mother and sisters back home while pro-Indonesian Ronaldo refuses to return and drowns his bitterness in booze. Their unhurried lives are shaken when João falls for a girl with a terrible secret, reopening old wounds but ultimately allowing one of them the chance to save the others.

Acclaimed writer/director Riri Riza (The Dreamer, MIFF 2010) bases his latest film on real-life stories of displaced peoples living in West Timorese Atambua, using local actors speaking in their native Tetum. Beautifully shot, this is a sensitive, picturesque depiction of the refugee experience.

D/S Riri Riza P Mira Lesmana WS Miles Films L Tetum w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2012

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