USA, 2013 (MIFF 2013, Documentaries)

Director: Nicholas D. Wrathall

Gore Vidal savaged the establishment throughout an extraordinary life atop the crest of the American Century.

As a novelist, critic, playwright, activist, bon vivant and all-round celebrity intellectual, Gore Vidal was America's unforgiving conscience for six decades. Consort of the powerful, champion of the underclass, he carved a swathe with his rapier tongue and granite principles.

During Vidal's final seven years, Australian director Nicholas Wrathall conducted interviews across continents to go deep into the man's remarkable personal history - linking the halls of power and the Hollywood Hills to New York's literati. Featuring his notorious television debates with William F Buckley and Norman Mailer, alongside commentary from his nephew, director Burr Steers, and one-time heir apparent/sometime opponent Christopher Hitchens, the film honours a giant of American letters.

"Superb … captures Gore in all his ever-articulate glory." - The Hollywood Reporter

D/S Nicholas D Wrathall P Nicholas Wrathall, Burr Steers, Theodore James WS Preferred Content TD HD Cam/2013

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