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Australia, 2013 (MIFF 2013, Australian Showcase)

Director: Haydn Keenan

These are the stories of ordinary people swept into ASIO's secret war on subversion and dissent.

In this second session of Persons of Interest, Frank Hardy's son Alan looks through his father's ASIO file for the first time and sees a history of the left and his father's struggle with misplaced faith in Frank Hardy: But the Dead Are Many. Meanwhile, Gary Foley: Native Title is Not Justice sees Aboriginal activist Foley confront charges of terrorism and threats of violence as the 60s generation seize control of the agenda.

Offering a remarkable and personal record of an era of great social upheaval, Haydn Keenan's series offers a timely reflection on freedom and privacy. In the wake of revelations of secret international surveillance programs like PRISM, Persons of Interest is provocative and essential viewing.

World Premiere.

Haydn Keenan is a guest of the festival.

D/S Haydn Keenan P Gai Steele Dist Smart Street Films TD HD Cam/2013

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