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Canada, 2012 (MIFF 2013, Documentaries)

Director: Sarah Polley

"A joy. Polley has a gripping tale to tell: a portrait of a marriage that is full of enormous richness, tenderness and emotional complexity. Fascinating and poignant, it's a great pleasure to watch." - The Guardian

With autobiographical inspiration littering her previous works, including Away From Her (MIFF 2007), acclaimed director Sarah Polley finally turns her hand to non-fiction filmmaking. Drawing on often-confronting first-person interviews with siblings and her mother's circle of friends and ex-lovers, the extraordinary Stories We Tell constructs an engaging portrait of Polley's enigmatic mother, Diane (who succumbed to cancer when the director was just 11 years old), and of her actor father, Michael.

Arriving at MIFF from triumphant, much-heralded screenings at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, Stories We Tell is a surprising and deeply moving portrait of the secrets and lies at the heart of one family. Seamlessly blending past and present, it is ultimately a story about the elusive nature of both truth and the documentary form.

D/S Sarah Polley P Anita Lee Dist Palace Films TD DCP/2012

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